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 nfinity-Box: 6 years non stop updates, now in CDMA...

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PostSubyek: nfinity-Box: 6 years non stop updates, now in CDMA...   Wed May 11, 2011 2:28 am

CDMA-Tool v1.52 released:

.Micromax-C111 version 13-August supported
.Micromax-C111 user code reset option released
.Micromax-C111 blink repair option released
.Anydata-C555 (modem) model supported
.ZTE-S160, Reliance-R160 model supported
.minor bugs fixed
.pinout database updated

The most easy to use software that you can find.
One button click and phone done.

Discussion thread is here:

As ordinary, non-stop free (no any additional payments required) updates during last 6 years, as nobody else...

Infinity-Box 6 (six) years non-stop free updates and support: Infinity-Box - News
- World biggest flash files database for several thousands brands/models
- Infinity-Box Variants & Packages
- BB5 Easy Service Tool [BEST] Dongle
- CDMA-Tool Dongle (fast and easy unlock)
- PinFinder: automatic pinout detection device
- Language & Resource Editor for MT62xx based models
- Extract phonebook (and other content) from alive and dead phone
- Follow us on Twitter
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nfinity-Box: 6 years non stop updates, now in CDMA...
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